Bank Holiday Henley

It has been very hot and humid, and this bank holiday so far saw a very nasty electrical storm and heavy rain on Saturday night.

Here in pictures is the bank holiday locally so far


Regatta boat Marquees – a work in progrss


Coffee anyone, sorry we have no floor due to a flood – Starbucks laid bare!


Has the big fight happened or is it still on?  HRG via the Conservatives perhaps?


Hart Street – with and without the cyclists – very much part of every weekend and Bank Holiday


Friday Street on Saturday!


The cinema and the new Coppa Club this morning before the sun came out


The Town hall from the car park


Kings Barn



Local views around Town Hall



The Artisan Market on Sunday morning before the sun same out



Thats nearly the end of this posting – North Field End in fact!




Sunny Henley on Thames

A dull day before the sunshine but the Town Hall is lit up

Some shots above of Northfield End

Bell Street

A sign on the floor of the X80 bus which will be axed in June – it may have done better if it filled in the gaps in the Arriva services, rather than arriving at the same time and clogging Bell Street up.


The house on the Wokingham side of the bridge is being demolished, but very slowly!

Views at the end of the Marlow Road, or is it the beginning?  The Arts Trail was on this weekend

A cute sign spotted in Ravenscroft Road

Motorcycles and bikes today in Market Square,

By the Oxfam shop in Market Square

The cut through from the Town Square to the car park

Two different shots of the large supermarket in town

The Kings Road Car Park

Our public library

Views in Ravenscroft Road and Kings Road

The store in Northfield end and the abandoned Telephone Kiok. It says that it is being maintained now by the local council. It is peeling and in need of a paint, and what is it going to be used for? It looks abandoned.

Finally views of the Rugby Club and the start or end of the Marlow Road, depending on which way you travel.

This week in Henley on Thames and around

Actually Marlow – never noticed the swan log on the wall here before! May be an old fire certificate (please right click on the picture and select to open it in a new tab to see it better)

This is the footpath that leads to Gillotts Swimming pool from Blandy Road, when it rains it is a messy quagmire!  This is one of the possible reasons that the changing room floors are so messy. Hopefully whoever is responsible for this needs to put down some bark or gravel to improve the situation.

Duke Street in the sunshine on Saturday

Duke Street in the sunshine on Saturday

Reading Road in the sunshine on Saturday

Corner of Friday Street in the sunshine on Saturday

Corner of Friday Street in the sunshine on Saturday

Greys Road junction in town, the closed Police Station with the blue door in the distance – such a pity about that – thanks to the Govt. Cuts!

Friday Street

Antique shop – Tudor Barn – Duke Street on Saturday

Top of Duke Street on Saturday in the Sunshine

Hidden Henley?  Does this bollard on the Marlow Road have a CCTV camera in it, if not why is there a picture of one on it.  The bollards lead up to the footpath at the end of Marlow Road (by Rugby Club)

Finally if you haven’t seen this video before you may enjoy seeing this. The lady is enthusing about our marvellous Town, as she visits here Auntie who lives here!  Enjoy, and be grateful we all live in such a beautiful place! She has taste and has visited Hot Gossip – The Henley Blogger’s favourite cafe!



I took a short walk out with my snow overshoes on, just around Swiss Farm and across the Marlow Road.  The shots were all large telephoto – but I  captured soft focus rabbits trying to feed and also a Kite flying at a distance.

Snow is beautiful, ice is not, tread carefully today and tomorrow, until it melts.


I love the black rabbits, and I suppose also the brown ones!

Pictorial Musings

Before the snow fell I took this batch of photographs during the late afternoon.  Some may be a little blurred they were taken by my mobile phone

Love Henley, Love Life

A great site – our lovely bridge – now adorned by lights that the Oxford County Council do not like, but they have not got round to repairing that bridge yet?

St Mary’s Church, and in front the Chocolate Cafe!

The start of Friday Street and the converted grain barns (I think!)

A boat with an apt name, moored up near to the Angel on the Bridge

Looking over the bridge, omitting the view of the long- time temporary repair Red Lion Lawn, such a pity it is still not a lawn.

I rather like this picture of the Red Lion Hotel – not too many cars around.

Our lovely bridge, it gives visitors arriving by car or bus or taxi a great view of river and town.

Moorings empty, they will soon fill up in the Summer!

The river front which leads on to New Street.

Today we took a ride back from High Wycombe, on the top deck of the X80 bus – the pictures were taken in a very shaky bus.  We start off with the Dog and Badger at Medmenham and then things fade off at Mill End

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Nettlebed – beyond Joyce Grove and Sue Ryder

I had cause today to visit a part to Nettlebed I haven’t seen before.

This afternoon I took a ride on the top deck of a River Rapids X38 bus. These are the views I got through their dirty window, and also for part of the time it was snowing!

Finally this is Nettlebed this afternoon – a slide show – if you want to see a picture longer please push pause on the player, thank you


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