Top Deck views from X80 from High Wycombe

Yesterday I highlighted my sighting of a double decker bus on the X8O route, in Hart Street.

Today we went to High Wycombe, on the way back we travelled on the top deck.

Here is a video of the shots that did not come out blurred.  If you want to see any picture for longer, hit the pause button, then play when you have finished looking at it.  Thank you.

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Why not try the ride yourself.  I have yet to experience the ride to Reading!

Pictorial update

The timetables here have been like it for ages.  A few days ago I wanted to check the X80 bus times, and found it almost impossible to bend down that low to read it!


Spring has sprung – and I thought I would celebrate by featuring pictures I have taken locally.

A very rare bus, for these parts seen today as I got off the 800 bus in Hart Street.  A double-decker Carousel X80.  Looks like a London bus – does anyone know if this is to be a regular bus on the Reading to High Wycombe route?



Pictorial update

I thought I would introduce this new title when I cover more than one current event. Pictorial Musings will be a more generalised feature from now.


The handiwork of hikers, dog walkers and Rugby players on the pavement which runs past the footpath on the Marlow Roads, opposite the Rugby Club.  Asked Biffa to clean this in February, it is on a job sheet


The fated phone box at Northfield end, if you want to save it ring up BT before it is too late



The Bear Inn, in its sad guise of a closed Health and Beauty salon, for sale as a house – madness!


Hope these glasses found its owner, found like this on a seat on Monday morning


Missing Cat notice – in the footpath leading to Gillotts Pool


The view on Thursday going up West Street to Townlands Hospital.  I slipped up earlier by calling it George Street, George Harrison used to drink in the Row Barge, or so I am told. That is how I think I made that mistake! Thanks to a blog reader for pointing that out.


The waiting area in Townlands Outpatients has a lovely picture on the wall.  I went there for a routine check up you get at 65!


A patient transport vehicle funded by Townsend League of Friends


Does anyone know the fate of the old hospital/workhouse? It is behind boards, but I took this through a gap in the boarding!


A view down Clarence Road, and the Fish and Chip shop, on my way out of Townlands


Below pictures of the World Market that will be in Market Square/Falaise Square, was there in the rain today, and over the weekend.








Pictorial Musings


Building work in Ravenscroft Road – a wooden framed building, will eventually be covered by brick at a guess.



A local trader in Hart Street with a sense of humour



A tree being felled in the car park behind Waitrose

img_20170225_100347310A muddy mess created by hikers and rugby players –  yet to be cleaned by Biffa. Surele the Rugby Club or the Regatta people could clean this up regularly?

Pictorial Musings


A rainbow in the sky on Sunday – pity about the telephone wires though


Electric Cars are becoming a regular occurence in the town square

img_20170217_144211146_hdrWhilst we were in Cafe Copia today we saw the stone masons from Reading Road hoist this stone sign back in place.  I spoke to the man who had restored this, and he pointed out that it had been there for ages before.  He has done a good job in restoring what was almost obliterated by dirt and fumes.   A reminder that what I will probably always refer to as Market Square, is also twinned with a town in France!

In town and out of town


Another massive lorry prepares to enter town


A lone cyclist crosses the road -this was on Friday around 11am as well, a rare moment of piece and quiet


Out of Town Now in Marlow in nearby Buckinghamshire.  There was a lovely dog that used to sit in this window sill and look at people walking by.  It must have passed away


Here is that dog – not only did he give his owner love and enjoyment, passers-by could also get the same pleasure.


A view of the first part of Marlow, looking back in the direction of Henley on Thames


Another view of Marlow I used to have a supervisor when I first started work that we all nicknamed “Sweaty Betty” (behind her back) and the shop in the foreground has that name!  The poor lady did not sweat at all, rather unkind that on reflection.

Pictorial Musings

I start off with some magnificent Funghi which is growing on a tree stump near the end of the Marlow Road, where it comes to Northfield End



Surprised to see some Beer pumps in the Citizens Advice Bureau waiting room. For decoration only, the pub is dry!


Near enough the end of July saw this battery car on display in the town centre




Whilst the salesman spoke to a man, some lads from Henley College jumped in to see what it was like inside.


Cars parked in Swiss Farm Field for the Sunday Rugby sessions for youngsters.


Monday morning on the Marlow Road, wet and warmer


Now for some vintage postcard pictures of our town

The old cinema with a queue outside.  Now the home of Waitrose and the card shop.

The Little White Hart Hotel, now a clothing shop

Image result for Friar Park Henley On Thames

Friar Park

George Harrison the owner of Friar Park and, now owned by his wife Olivia


The Beatles at Friar Park, sadly no John

Finally a coach trip to Friar Park – look carefully as it goes down Duke Street, you can see the Wimpy bar and other shops that are no longer there. I did not live here then but have heard about old shops, all of which look a lot better than the variety we have now.  Even the Police Station is open, what has happened to us since then?