I took a short walk out with my snow overshoes on, just around Swiss Farm and across the Marlow Road.  The shots were all large telephoto – but I  captured soft focus rabbits trying to feed and also a Kite flying at a distance.

Snow is beautiful, ice is not, tread carefully today and tomorrow, until it melts.


I love the black rabbits, and I suppose also the brown ones!


Pictorial Musings

Before the snow fell I took this batch of photographs during the late afternoon.  Some may be a little blurred they were taken by my mobile phone

Love Henley, Love Life

A great site – our lovely bridge – now adorned by lights that the Oxford County Council do not like, but they have not got round to repairing that bridge yet?

St Mary’s Church, and in front the Chocolate Cafe!

The start of Friday Street and the converted grain barns (I think!)

A boat with an apt name, moored up near to the Angel on the Bridge

Looking over the bridge, omitting the view of the long- time temporary repair Red Lion Lawn, such a pity it is still not a lawn.

I rather like this picture of the Red Lion Hotel – not too many cars around.

Our lovely bridge, it gives visitors arriving by car or bus or taxi a great view of river and town.

Moorings empty, they will soon fill up in the Summer!

The river front which leads on to New Street.

Today we took a ride back from High Wycombe, on the top deck of the X80 bus – the pictures were taken in a very shaky bus.  We start off with the Dog and Badger at Medmenham and then things fade off at Mill End

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Nettlebed – beyond Joyce Grove and Sue Ryder

I had cause today to visit a part to Nettlebed I haven’t seen before.

This afternoon I took a ride on the top deck of a River Rapids X38 bus. These are the views I got through their dirty window, and also for part of the time it was snowing!

Finally this is Nettlebed this afternoon – a slide show – if you want to see a picture longer please push pause on the player, thank you


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Meeting tomorrow

From the Henley Residents Group

Dear Members & Friends

There is a meeting at at 7:30 pm in the Town Hall tomorrow (Tuesday 30 Jan) of the Town & Communities sub-committee.
The meeting will include a slot with the Thames Valley Police Commissioner, Anthony Stansfeld, who will be taking questions from Councillors. Like all Council meetings, it is open to the public – but we will not be able to address the Commissioner directly.
If you wish to raise any issue, you can:
1. Put your question at the very start of the meeting when the public can make statements or ask any question.
2. Send your question to me and I will give it to one of the Councillors attending to ask on your behalf.
If you have any concerns about policing in Henley, it is a rare opportunity to state them directly to the top man.
Everyone is welcome to come along and listen.
Best wishes 


To mill lane and back on the road again



A usual route for the Henley Blogger but some different pictures. Some reasonable shots of Cormorants for the lighting conditions available. The Wishing Tree which is relatively new, well entirely new to me! The wooden bridge and a football match in the Football Ground in Mill Lane. The new care home, and the Three Horshoes Pub. Then a traffic jam which normally occurs in the Reading Road going into town.

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A walk through Little Wood

This morning we had a family walk through Little Wood near to the Mount. The sun was out, but the wind was cold, a great day for wandering in our local flora and fauna

I didn’t take any pictures in Little Wood but did in the green pastures beyond which I think may be referred to as the Deer Park. I also noted that the vineyard that the local council are trying to prevent them putting up a sign to bring in custom, was in the background as well! Mobile phone shots this time!

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Henley Living Advent Calendar Day 17

Anne and the Dough boys played music and we sang some carols to their music.

We had a lovely indoor venue this evening and a good time was had by all.

We were lucky on the raffle and won a cake from Lawlors.  We had some for tea and it was delicious.

A slide show next of pictures I took during the evening.

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Now to enjoy this short extract of the groups 30 minute performance at the Henley Rugby Club