The Lovibond’s door out on to Falaise Square is a veritable fountain of information.  I also very much like Henley Amber Ale (I have not been paid to put this on my blog but would not say not to some free bottles of that beer!)


In the off licence in Falaise Square they have stock of Mr Hobbs Henley Gin. I was amazed to see in the Henley Standard  “Mr Hobbs features angelica, orris root and juniper as well as lime leaf oil, lemon peel and marshmallow root, which is picked from Marsh Meadows, near the company’s base in Station Road. The spirit is made at the Foxdenton Estate in Buckinghamshire, close to the family’s ancestral home in Hambleden.

I wonder if Mr Hobbs has broken the countryside code by sourcing marshmallow root from Marsh Meadows? I understand that there is a hefty fine if you remove flora and fauna without permission.

On Greys Road there is still a sign which advertises the free bus service. Is it not time that it was removed?  I think the Town Council who normally complain about others not taking signs down may have slipped up!

Some shots, on bin day, of Greys Road, lovely country aspect and sunshine!

Below are some photos I took whilst I had a short walk in Gillots Fields – a lady told me that they lead eventually to Harpsden.  I did not have much time as our quilt was being washed in the top shops laundrette



Finally – in the sky, many feet about Swiss Farm came a man paragliding – any idea who it is?  Thanks for popping over, had a chance to test out my camera zoom. Impressive shot considering the paraglider was quite high up.  I have seen this abroad but so far not in Henley on Thames!

So there we have it – midweek – love Henley on Thames, love the sunshine!

Around town and along the River to Remenham

On Sunday I took my new camera for a short spin on the bike,and was pleasantly surprised by the results.  It gives a slightly different view of our lovely town.

The Grebe were in residence. There only ever seem to be a few around at each time.  I caught a shot of two of them coming up after diving. It appears that the Grebe has two heads!   The Swan and its babies seem to have left the nest.  A Swan hissed at the boats as they went past, but she was gliding down the river at the time.

The piling machines are still busy on the soon to be Regatta Course.

Hope you enjoy the slide show below

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I took a short walk around Remenham Church.  I noticed an Angel Statute on a grave, one has featured on Henley Past and Present and was from the Fairmile Cemetry.. I do not know if I was not looking that carefully but most deaths seem to be recorded in the 1930s onwards.  Some gravestones are illegible, so are probably older.

Trouble in Town

What a shambles our local politics is at times – lets hope now this is all over we will be led by a well disciplined Town Council.  Pity Donna Marie Crook the Independent did not get anywhere.

I thought David Nimmo Smith could have done more to push Oxfordshire into spending money on our roads , lets hope Stefan and the HRG can do better.   I wouldn’t relish being in any form of politics, the Conservatives policy of budget cuts is ridiculous. How can anyone expect to provide more, or the same for less and less money. The General Election is the time to bear these factors in mind.


From the Henley Standard

New Mayor of Henley after shock vote

A DRAMATIC twist saw Councillor Kellie Hinton become Mayor of Henley despite Conservative Will Hamilton being favourite for the top job.

Councillor Hinton, of the Henley Residents’ Group (HRG), succeeded Julian Brookes, a Conservative, at the annual Mayor making ceremony inside the town hall today (Monday).

It was a shock result as Councillor Hamilton had been odds-on for the role having been chosen as Mayor-elect in March and served as Deputy Mayor for the last 12 months.

Councillor Hinton took the post with eight votes for and seven against after former mayor Lorraine Hillier, a Conservative, abstained from voting.

This caused a walk-out from the main hall with about 20 people leaving and Councillor Brookes having to calm down the audience of more than 200.

Cllr Hillier was nominated by Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak, of HRG, for the position of Deputy Mayor for this year with the support of all the members of the party to secure the post with nine votes in favour to seven against.

Cllr Hinton, 31, the chairwoman of Henley in Bloom, becomes the town’s youngest ever Mayor and said she was honoured to take up the role.

There was a cheer as she was elected to office and she told the crowd: “I will not let you down and I’m enormously proud of this town council and this town and with your help I will work to keep the vibrant community we all know and love.”

Cllr Hinton, watched by her partner Ben and daughter Hallie, six, said she would use her mayoral year to raise money for Henley’s four state primary schools – Trinity, Sacred Heart, Badgemore and Valley Road.

Cllr Hamilton told the Henley Standard he was “deeply disappointed” with the outcome and said he was unaware of how Cllr Hillier was going to vote.

He explained: “I was the deputy mayor and what I would say is I was the future once. I became mayor-elect on March 28 and this was ratified at last week’s full council on May 3.”

Cllr Hamilton said he had visited Cllr Gawrysiak’s home for a short meeting on Saturday where he was told HRG would be putting forward a candidate against him and that the party could produce a majority.

“Given the journey I’ve been on, I’m surprised, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

“It means so much to me to have my father, brother and all my close friends and clients and even my godson here today to support me at this ceremony.”

Cllr Hillier, who now sits an Independent Conservative, denied a deal had been done whereby she would abstain in return for the Deputy Mayor title.

But she admitted to having a meeting with councillors and members of HRG.

She claimed that after accepting HRG’s nomination for a second term as mayor a year ago she was “ostracised” by the Henley Conservatives.

She said she had wanted to stay as Mayor to help oversee the transition to the new town clerk Janet Wheeler, following Mike Kennedy’s retirement.

“I wasn’t just looking for position. It was never a carrot,” she said. “I didn’t know Stefan Gawrysiak would do the nomination until last night.

“A year ago I was effectively an Independent but I didn’t want to make a fuss of it. When the by-elections came up I said that whatever the outcome was I would probably go Independent afterwards.”

She told Cllr Hamilton of her decision, she said, on April 28 in an email, almost a week before the town council by-elections.

“I’ve got a lot of compassion for Will – it is very regrettable. It is a sad day for him,” she added


Local Election results

From the Henley Standard – we learn that all parties have 8 seats each.  It will be an interesting year with plenty of debate no doubt.  Our Mayor will have to be impartial as well.

It always amazes me that people fail to vote.  Only 42% of voters turned out.

Double by-election victory for Henley Residents’ Group

Double by-election victory for Henley Residents' Group

HENLEY Residents’ Group won both seats in the town council by-elections in the early hours of this morning (Friday).

Former Mayor Ken Arlett beat Conservative Joan Bland and Independent Donna Crook in the Henley north ward, while in the south ward Glen Lambert defeated former Apprentice winner Yasmina Siadatan, who was standing for the Tories.

The seats were previously held by Conservatives Dylan Thomas and Martin Akehurst, who both resigned.

It means both parties now have eight seats each on the council, with the annual mayor-making ceremony taking place on Monday.

Mr Arlett won 931 votes beating Ms Bland with 639 and Ms Crook with 202 with the turnout at 42 per cent.

Mr Lambert had 1,167 votes compared with Ms Siadatan’s 691 with a turnout of 41 per cent.

Mr Arlett, a founding member of HRG in 1989, said: “I feel very tired. My result was announced at about 1.45am.

“Obviously, I’m really pleased with what has happened. I guess it was a gamble for people going back to HRG, but it will be worth it in the end.

“It’s going to be an interesting few weeks. It’s good to be back after 10 years – it was obviously my choice not to stand during that decade but the time was right to return.

“There is a lot of support out there, a lot of local people want change in a variety of areas, which we learned when we were knocking on doors.”

Ms Bland, who is a district councillor for Henley, said: “Whilst one’s ego is a bit dented because I lost, I can hold my head up high.

“We didn’t get in and it’s a sad day for Henley.”

Ms Crook thanked everyone who voted for her adding: “I’m really happy because I wasn’t expecting to get anywhere really and I didn’t have any budget at all.

“I’m glad I stood because I felt I had to.”

Mr Lambert said: “I’m obviously honoured to have been elected by the residents of Henley. When I saw the size of the result I was quite overwhelmed to be honest – I had to sit down! I didn’t expect such a comprehensive win.

“I wish Yasmina the best for her future endeavours, of which I’m sure there will be many.”

Ms Siadatan said: “I’m so pleased for Glen. I am disappointed for myself and for the Conservative party, of course, but Glen’s a brilliant candidate. He’s going to do a good job so I’m really pleased for the town.”

Conservative Will Hamilton is set to be made Mayor on Monday and in meetings, because of the equal split, the Mayor will have a casting vote.

The 43-year-old, who is currently Deputy Mayor, was made mayor-elect at a meeting of the town council in March.

His deputy is set to be fellow Conservative Simon Smith.


Town and around

I went to Twyford recently, to visit the opticians there.  It is unusual for me to actually plan to go to Twyford, because as you will know it is the place we have to change trains to get home to Henley.  I went there because Boots opticians here do not stock a good range of frames, in my opinion. They seem the cheapest in Henley. They do not have any of their £39 frames in store most of the time, and charge for a frames with lenses. Then for us who need varifocal lenses, they charge £50 pounds for basic lenses on to of the frame cost. Then if you want a better type of varifocal they charge for that, but do not waive the first £50 fee.  A simple pair of glasses are cheap at Boots if you have a simple prescription, but not if you have varifocals. I got a deal at Vision Express for two pairs of glasses, and they charge for the frame and the varifocal lens you choose only!

A noticeboard on the wall near to Waitrose tells the Twyford Story!

We have a Teddy Bear Shop, Twyford has a Dolls House Shop.

Their old post office is sadly preserved as a hairdressers!

Salters Steamer “Oxford” at its mooring at Mill Meadows

The flood levels recorded on the wall of Hobbs Office. 2014 was pretty high!

High Wycombe, you can just make out the Mausoleum on the hill above these houses


Fungus on a tree in High Wycombe

The arts trail – venue 4 on the Marlow Road.  They had art lessons on how to paint on an Ipad.  OK if you can afford to buy one!

I can’t remember seeing this door before in Hart Street, but it must have been there for ages

Two stone inscriptions on the town hall


When they start building in the Waitrose Car Park, the tunnel to the square will be shut.  This wall is on the opposite side of the road to where you will have to walk to and from the car park to the square.

Henley Residents making a point on the wall of a house on the entrance to the car park.

The Tough Mudder traffic jam on Saturday at 1pm.  I was unfortunate enough to be waiting for a bus, it was 30 minutes behind schedule when it arrived.

Top marks to the Oxfam shop for its regular window displays. This week it is Pirates in Peter Pan, and Railways!

Finally men clearing dead pigeons out of netting around the housing for the siren on the top of the Town Hall.  Can’t have any dropping on us voters in the local election tomorrow!

Walking to Marsh Lock

Hello, yes another walk to Marsh Lock, but this time hopefully some different photos for you to look at. 


The Egyptian Geese family, parents hissing to keep other birds away from them.  The Swans were quite inquisitive!

This Fellow was lazy and sat down on the path.  When he got up to walk off, his flipper made a noise like flip flop shoes make!

A baby Egyptian Goose on its own, but not far from Mum and Dad!

Next follows a slide show of the other pictures I took using my digital camera, soon to be upgraded I hope. Most of the pictures recently have been on my mobile phone which has more megapixels at its disposal.  Some different views of the footbridge at Marsh Lock, and some strange little doors that have appeared in a tree in Mill Meadows!  Fairies live in those of course. I wonder who put those there?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This noticeboard at Marsh Lock is very untidy – it wouldn’t inspire me to visit a pub. Locals know where they are, will visitors?



In town and around

The town has been full of HRG and Conservatives campaigning.  Above holding the folder is Donna- Marie Crook our Independent Candidate.  Here she is having spoken to Oxford TV about the now successful petition she founded and ran to save the buses in our town.  Please give her your support.  If you see Donna-Marie in town please ask her about her policies.

Friday Street on Saturday

On Sunday, yet another ride along the river, this time no crowds so I made excellent progress, normally I have to slow down or dismount if crowds are present.  I wish other cyclists would be more caring on the Thames Path.

Hobbs boats waiting for crowds to arrive, today it was quite quiet around 11am when I passed through

A barge with a great name moored near Mill Meadows

Fun and entertainment for children in Mill Meadow on Sunday

The bridge over the railway in Mill Lane


The railway line going out of Henley to Shiplake and stations to Twyford

McCarthy and Stone’s home for elderly being built.  Amazing the pictures on their hoardings only feature elderly white people!   No chance of any affordable housing here!

A lovely Wisteria on a house on the Reading Road