Merry Christmas

Some pictures of our Christmas Lights to start off with.

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Pictures now of a Food Market in the Town Square -also with a photographers set – which looks like a Snow Globe


The winning shop display photographed at night

Night time is a good time to appreciate the stained glass windows on St Mary’s Church, this is the venue on Christmas Eve for the final Living Advent Calendar

So sad the day I took the picture below the, lights were not on the bridge, is this the end for the lights, or was there a technical fault?

A new pop up Shoe Shop in the Town Square (wonder how long that will be there?)

Henley Sky in the Winter – lovely colour at Sunset a few days ago.

Friar Park brings plenty of tourists to its gates. George Harrison lived there and his wife Olivia still owns the house.   There is a Facebook Page which is called  the Friar Park Fan Club that also has plenty of photos and postcards of this house, that some locals attended when the Nuns ran a school there before George bought it.

Here is a short film of a group visiting our Town some years ago.




Some pictures and videos you may not have seen before


The Sue Ryder Hospice at Nettlebed – during a visit to their monthly sales

The Quaker Meeting House situated on the Fairmile

Information from

The meeting house was built in 1894, replacing an earlier meeting house on
the site. It is a
ttached to a listed cottag
e and has a historic burial ground to
the rear
. The meeting house has medium heritage value.
Evidential value
The meeting house
is a Victorian building; it
has medium evidential value.
Historical value
The construction of the me
eting house in the 1890s was the result of the work
of the Home Mission Committee
and the adult schools movement. The building
has medium historical value.
Aesthetic value
The building was designed by a local architect, Charles Smith & Son of
Reading, and
incorporates fine moulded brick and terracotta on the main
elevation. It has medium aesthetic value.
Communal value
The meeting house is well used by Quakers and community groups. It has high
communal value.


Whilst I was waiting for the Town Bus to go to the swimming pool I enjoyed listening to this lady singing.    She often pops up in town for a jolly good sing song, and collecting money.

An old barn stands a short way from the Friends Meeting House on Fairmile




The Duck Pond Market is held monthly in the Market Square.  These markets started off in Ruislip Middx close to the Duck Pond, hence the name. A mix of crafts etc.

The Town Hall after Remembrance Sunday

Recently people have commented about the Terns upstaging the Swans – this shows how they swoop on any food that is around.

Next follows the contents of the local noticeboard in Market Square – some useful information there if you need it.

Some lovely views of Town can be had whilst walking down West Street. There is a cut through to West Street from the Hart and Bell Surgeries – well worth the walk!

A different view of Northfield End

The corner of Bell Street and a look down Hart Street

A new memorial bench – close to the renovated apartments at Northfield End

The children’s roundabout has just been build in preparation for the Christmas Shopping Evening

The Town Christmas Tree in place

A view into Bell Street, and I appear to have snapped the local traffic warden!

Silly String on the pavements after the Christmas Shopping Experience. Less on buildings though.


The new Whistles store – for the ladies!


At long last the windows in the vacant shops have been filled with pictures and information about the building work which is backing on to Kings Road Car Park.


The Architectural dig continues in earnest


I can’t take the credit for seeing this rainbow first today. A lady had her mobile phone in the air taking a picture. This alerted  me to this rainbow which was starting to fade.

Finally a mention about the Living Advent Calendar which started on the 1st and runs up to the 24th December. From 6.15 to 6.45 each evening free entertainment for charity – be sure to buy raffle tickets! It is held in various venues all over town.
Here is the second evening event which was held at Phyllis Court


Greys Road and Gillotts Field

Yesterday I went to the Launderette with our quilt, and instead of lurking locally there, I decided to take a walk down Greys Road towards Gillotts Field

I have organised the pictures of Greys Road and Gillotts Field into a slide show below

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If you  get the time take a walk down this part of the road and into the field.  I have been told that the fields eventually lead to St Marks Road – I didn’t have time to substantiate that as the washing machine cycle was only 39 minutes.

Love Henley

Happy Henley

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A slide show above shows Henley a few weeks ago. The Saint Books are in the window of the excellent Ways Bookshop in Friday Street. I also like the new railings and bushes planted on riverside.

Finally some more up to date pictures taken in town, some today!

The new tree planted in memory of the soldiers who fought in the first World War, at Northfield end


A ceremony to bless the new tree was held this weekend and a plaque has been attached.

The Swiss Farm field car park on match day for the Henley Hawks this Saturday

Our local butcher, closed on Sunday

Hart Street, and the Catherine Wheel, with St Mary’s Church in the background

Views of the excavations in the Kings Road Car Park –

A view taken at Northfield End in our lovely Winter sunshine

From Hobbs to Tesco

What a lovely sunny day it was today – another golden Autumn day

You probably know that occasionally I put up pictures taken on a bike ride. Normally it is on the Thames Path in either direction. This time to Marsh Lock.  You will also see Mill Lane, The Railway Bridge and Tesco. On the way back I took the road and passed Christchurch which has an impressive spire.

Below is a slide show of pictures. I have also tried to make them different from anything I have put on the blog before.  We have a lovely town and surroundings. It starts of with pictures taken close to Northfield End, whilst the last of the runners were completing the Half Marathon to day.  Well done to all who took part. Love #Henley

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I am not quite sure why the words dav and dig come up under the photos in the slide show, I have a new mobile phone so will have to figure that out!

Finally a picture of Norman Topsom MBE, at Twyford Station in the sunshine yesterday.  I found that reassuring as I set out on a journey to Hatch End via Paddington yesterday.

In the past month

Back now with my feet firmly on the ground in Henley.  A long catch up!


Views of the Marlow Road taken whilst waiting for the Arriva Bus to Reading before Autumn set in.


The Henley Literary  Festival Marquee that housed some of the Literary Festival Events – Fearne Cotton who was speaking at Phyllis Court went to school with our daughter, and also came to our daughter’s birthday parties.  We met up with her Mum and Aunt who were visiting Pinner just before we moved here five years ago.  Well done to her for her second appearance at the Festival.  We were not here during the festival as we were on holiday than.  I was glad to be able to sneak of Mike Read through a door in the Marquee, he appeared at the festival as well!

Our Town Bus, efficiently run by Reading Buses, thanks to the local council.  Stuck in Friday street behind a van unloading. A car on the opposite side refused to move “they were in the bank”, also parked on a double line!


Men digging out the earth in the Kings Road Car Park for the Archaeologists to start searching for artefacts etc.


A few weeks ago the Marquee was opened up and used for the Town Market


Groundwork’s exposed.  One of the workmen said that they had found evidence of a glass kiln and some other artefacts to suggest that the Ravenscroft Glassworks may have been there.

Our local Rugby Club on the Marlow Road – great name for a team “Dings Crusaders!

Autumn setting in


A view from opposite Swiss Farm to the River Thames (you may be able to see the boat on the river!


Views taken in Reading when I went to a Radio Club two Saturdays ago.    It is great that we can get to Reading, Oxford, Marlow, Nettlebed and many other places by bus.

One day recently I noticed a trail of strawberries along part of the Marlow Road.  You may just be able to see two in this picture

Leaves on the Marlow Road and some Ivy.  Miraculous the trees along the road do not fall down, they are choked by Ivy.

Recently they had some Rugby Match finals for schools at the Rugby Club, the field at Swiss Farm was full of cars, and also the Rugby field opposite, so I was told.

I was shooting into the sun, but above are pictures of the digging taking place, before the builders start on the new buildings in Kings Road Car Park

A lovely display in one of  the library windows by the WI, celebration 100 years of the Suffragettes.

The marquee for the Literary festival finally being taken down

A lovely selection of fruit and vegetables for sale at the Bosely Patch Hut at Swiss Farm recently

A roadside curio, a GPO stone sign by the roadside on the Marlow Road.  Looking rather the worse for wear

I have yet to see this ice cream stall working, I may just have been at the market at the wrong time?

One of my favourite shops in Henley is the Oxfam Bookshop. They did me and other Dr Who Fans proud recently by mounting a display of books dedicated to Dr Who.  I was privileged in the past to have known Brian Hodgson and Dick Mills of the Radiophonic Workshop, and worked closely with them on producing Archive recordings for us.

A real transformation as the leaves start to change colour and drop off the trees.

Finally a picture of the Green at Nettlebed, taken whilst waiting for a bus back from the Sue Ryder Sale on Saturday.


Love Henley