By river and New Street tonight

On my way home from a trip by train, I admired the night scene beside the River Thames and along New Street.


Here is a slide show of what my mobile captured.

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Oh la la and much more!

This weekend saw the French Market in Town

Great for visitors but the prices sometimes are rather excessive at these events, in my opinion.

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Some pictures from the period which has passed unchronicled since I last posted!

There was a RNLI stall in the Market Square the weekend before last and this car was full of balloons, and they were running a competition to see who could guess the number of balloons in the car.


The side of a building in Bell Street, the side of an old wooden frame building I pass when on foot to the shops twice a week.

I asked why the bread in Waitrose as a funny dip in the centre. It appears people squeeze the loaf too had to see if it is fresh!

A rabbit hole in a local field

Bank Holiday Monday and a whole heap of rubbish in the bin next to the footpath off the Marlow Road opposite the Rugby Club


A new pastry that has appeared in Hot Gossip. I can thoroughly recommend this as well!   It is not real cream.

Some lovely clouds recently, like mountains etc!

Nice flower in Henley on Thames

The town in the rain – taken whilst waiting for a bus on the way back from shopping

Sue Ryder’s Nettlebed Home at  Joyce Grove, once the home of Ian Fleming the James Bond author.  They have sales there for charity monthly

Here are details of the not to be missed sales from their website


When are these sales?

Our sales are held at Sue Ryder Nettlebed Hospice, Henley on Thames, Oxon, RG9 5DF, on every third Saturday throughout the year. Doors are open from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Here’s a full list of dates for 2017:

  • 12th August
  • 2nd September
  • 23rd September
  • 14th October
  • 4th November
  • 25th November
  • 16th December

Should any unforeseen circumstances necessitate an amendment, a revised programme will be issued.


What kind of bargains can I bag?

Our grounds, garage and outbuildings welcome dozens of visitors looking to bag a bargain amongst the furniture, clothes, jewellery, DVDs, books and bric-a-brac – while helping to raise vital funds for our hospice.

We receive fantastic-quality second-hand items as well as brand new items that have never been used.

There is something to suit every taste, from fantastic gift ideas through to gorgeous items to decorate your home.


Can I donate goods, too?

Of course! Just pop in and we’ll be happy to accept decent quality items in the above categories, whether second-hand or never used.

Saleable donated goods are welcomed on weekdays between 9am and 4.30pm. We regret, however, that we’re unable to accept goods on the day of a sale or the day before, so do drop your donations in a few days early.


Are there any items you do not accept?

Yes, we can’t accept non-digital TVs, white goods, three-piece suites, Divan beds and mattresses.


Do you need any volunteers?

Volunteers are always welcome to help sort and allocate donated goods, as well as to assist with sales, on every day of the week.

To offer your time, email or call 01491 641 384 ext. 246.

Some recent pictures taken in my garden during this lovely weather

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We have a lovely Town but do take time to sit down in your garden, if  you are fortunate to have one.  Look at all the marvellous scenery around about.

Love Henley love the sun and rain!

Over the past few weeks

Not that much to report, but this time some pictures taken in town, and in our garden.

This archway and doors appear at the start of Duke Street. It may be the back yard of one of the shops.  It is pretty distinctive – any idea what the arch originally led to?

Our local cinema has not one, but three screens. Being a school holiday period “Captain Underpants” is showing.  Great title for a film, I was quite amused some time ago when the books first came out!

The annual meet up of Amphibious vehicles led to some interesting vehicles being parked in the Waitrose Car Park.

Butterfly and birds in our back garden. The first set are of a blue tit, and then the last is a Dunnock bird.


Up in the sky, very few aeroplanes flying over due to the wind direction.


The Virgin Balloon experience up in our skies quite regularly in the Summer


This is the second time over a period of years that the gate post at Phyliss Court has been wrecked by a lorry or car.  Thankfully it has been rebuilt yet again


This stone is at Phyllis Court – any idea what it is for?


The site of the toll gate on Marlow Road.  See the gate posts on either side of the road. The Toll Houses were converted into homes some years ago now!


This weed can be found in the hedgerows, and on roadside banks etc.   It is poisonous so beware!

The pedestrian crossing on Marlow Road, just down from the Henley Hawks Rugby Club.  It is like walking on rocks today.

A very expensive local Gin.  In the Off Licence window this weekend

A water leak in the Town centre – still not seen to on Monday morning


The Farmers Market this Saturday morning

The Town Hall is used for weddings and wedding receptions – there was a wedding this Saturday as well!

Above – at the RNLI car boot sale at Swiss Farm on Sunday

Our town square is for people, not heavy lorries or vans!

This weekend

The weekend started off with the Town Regatta on Saturday. A great event that can be watched completely free of charge.

Here is a slide show of the photos of the field and some shots of the Regatta etc.  Also at the end some pictures taken in Hart Street, it was a busy Saturday!

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Today I took a cycle ride into town, and saw the Farmers market, then cycled along the Reading Road, down Mill Lane and back home.  I noted that the building work was well under way as well. There was a small flood in Mill Lane, I turned off at the car park and cycled across Mill Meadows.  At one stage the bike was going through grass which was be saturated with water.  Thankfully I was not covered in, or stuck in the mud!

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Love Henley, so many things happen here you can never get bored!

Around town these past few weeks or so …….

It has been an unusual this week weather-wise with the reappearance of wind and rain as well as some nice sunshine

There always seems to be a gigantic puddle at the entrance of Swiss Farm off the Marlow Road when it rains.

The telephone box at Northfield End now owned by the local council, and bare of any telecommunications equipment!  What will this box be used for now?

This post at Phyllis Court off the Marlow Road always seems to be in the wars!

I noticed this stone near the wall at Phyllis Court, must be something to do with the old Tollgate that used to be there.

As you probably know the two houses on either side of the road near Phyllis Court, once Toll houses are now residential.

Some wild flora and fauna in the bushes beside the Marlow Road!

On the Ruby field and other places they have been filming “Midsomer Murders” I managed to get this general shot of what must be a rugby match in progress. People have also reported Rugby posts bursting into flames as well.  When this is transmitted not doubt this will make more sense.


I turned up either too late or too early for the Swan Upping a while back – I got some shots and think that the Swan Uppers were in between the Hobbs Boats.

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There was a rainbow this week – in a strange way a by product of the sun and rain whe have been having


Traditional Boat Festival 14th to 16th July 2017

The weather was disappointing on Saturday morning, but the rest of the festival was in hot sometimes humid weather.

The most unusual boat I saw at the show was this Blacksmith’s! A well equipped work station.

An interesting collection of vintage boats were on display here – first three videos of the Royal Barge Gloriana arriving and a military boat arriving and passing the Gloriana.

The commentary during the Festival was professional and also very informative – next after the videos pictures I took of various boats during the show.  There also is an example of the houseboats that were popular at the Regattas in day of old.

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There was an interesting collection of military vehicles

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I am  always fascinated by old cars, and also enjoyed seeing some of these gems arriving on the Marlow Road, great so many have been preserved by enthusiasts.

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Bicycles were also there – amazing how much they have changed over the years


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There were plenty of stalls as well, selling and advertising wares

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Almost forgot the amphibious cars – also on Sunday saw my  acquaintance Garrett who always pops over via the river to display his vehicle!

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After an exhausting collection of photos taken over the three days here are some extra photos to celebrate Traditional Boats and old vehicles……….

I have got to practice panning aircraft!

Love Henley……………….xxxx


The First Evening at the Henley Festival – outside looking in

This evening the audio was very clear in Fawley Meadows, I also visited the end of New Street as well.

The Festival as you probably know lasts for 5 days.

There are a terrific amount of boats negotiating the river tonight and I took this video of action around the main stage.  It is expensive to see the concert but fun to watch people enjoying themselves. If I was more familiar with Jess Glynne’s songs I would have been able to have enjoyed myself more.

I also saw this gentleman paddling up the river towards the Festival stage! He had illuminated his canoe!


Here is a video from You Tube to give you an idea of what Jess sounds like.  The song has almost the same title as a song from the Beatles.

As I moved from New Street on my way to Fawley Meadows I took in the fabulous night sky.

I have made the rest of my pictures into a slide show, hope you enjoy watching it!

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It is good that so many lovely things happen in our town, and a pity that they do not make it cheaper for locals to attend. I think you can get a greatly reduced ticket to get into the site but you do not get to view the stage as far as I know. There were some lovely people watching the performance from the outside in (no view of the artist) The audio was so clear,  I heard on Radio Berkshire that they are hiring or using the same stage set up as Elton John used last year.

So there we have it, on the outside looking in – a great song as well………………….