A walk through Little Wood

This morning we had a family walk through Little Wood near to the Mount. The sun was out, but the wind was cold, a great day for wandering in our local flora and fauna

I didn’t take any pictures in Little Wood but did in the green pastures beyond which I think may be referred to as the Deer Park. I also noted that the vineyard that the local council are trying to prevent them putting up a sign to bring in custom, was in the background as well! Mobile phone shots this time!

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Henley Living Advent Calendar Day 17

Anne and the Dough boys played music and we sang some carols to their music.

We had a lovely indoor venue this evening and a good time was had by all.

We were lucky on the raffle and won a cake from Lawlors.  We had some for tea and it was delicious.

A slide show next of pictures I took during the evening.

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Now to enjoy this short extract of the groups 30 minute performance at the Henley Rugby Club


Henley Living Advent Calendar Day 12 Hotel Du Vin

This evening we were treated to a chocolate and a small cup of mulled wine.

The entertainment was introduced as usual by Richard Rodway in his usual jovial fashion He is of course the very able organiser of the Living Advent Calendar which is for charity.   A full factual report will be on the Henley Herald Site, I concentrate on the photos here!  https://www.henleyherald.com

Top marks to Richard, the Stewards, Sponsors and Performers who gave a great performance in the freezing temperatures this evening!   We were fortunate to miss the heavy rain that followed later on the same night.

The surprise was a short preview of the Kenton Theatre Pantomime Robin Hood.

Richard Rodway with the Sponsor of the event, waiting for the bucket of raffle tickets to arrive.

I took this video, but unfortunately the picture quality is not all I would wish for. I tapped a button on my new camera that was designed to take Macro shots!  Lucky it came out at all!  Please do not view it full screen! The audio is fine thankfully

I took a few photos of the lights near Northfield End on the way home.  I have always admired the small trees with lights that are all over town.



In Town tonight, and an excerpt from the Shiplake College Choir’s choral concert

It was a nice dry evening and we all enjoyed the Copas Turkey Rolls and Winter Pimms which was given to us with compliments at the Angel on the Bridge.

The Mayor Kellie Hinton introduced the evening and said that proceeds would be going this evening to her favoured good causes this year.  Sorry I didn’t get a better shot of you this evening Kellie.

This venue never fails to come up with great food and entertainment.

Here then is a video of photos I took in town and at the Living Advent Calendar tonight.  Pictures are best viewed  in the size they are on the blog page.



Living Advent Calendar 3rd Dec 2017

The venue was in the plush surroundings at the Phyllis Court Club.

The event was sponsored by Grey Matters consultancy, and the proceeds from donations and raffle tickets were for Berkshire MS Therapy Centre. In the fun style of these charity functions, everyone was in good humour and everyone enjoyed the proceedings which were of the usual high class!

The function room we were assembling in before the event consisted of a large hall. The part that we were in had the bar and snacks in it.There was free Mulled Wine or Orange Juice provided. The other half was cut off by closed doors.  If you are not aware, the concept of the Living Advent Calendar is all geared to supporting local charities through raffles held during the event.


The crowds above are waiting to be told when they can enter the hall for the entertainment, and enjoying a warmed mulled wine and nuts, crisps etc compliments of the sponsor.


Richard Rodway announcing that this evening’s performance will be from the “Youthful Orchestra, in his usual jovial style.

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The Youthful Orchestra gave generously of their time – more about them can be viewed here  https://www.henleymusicschool.co.uk/youthful-orchestra

Thanks to Richard, the Youthful Orchestra, the volunteer staff manning the collection buckets and also selling raffle tickets.  At the end of the event a kind lady who won a Reindeer stuffed toy, suggested that it was put out for auction.   I think the amount raised in the end was £30. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Finally – edited highlights of the music and orchestra in action that I made on the night.