Pre-Regatta and a peak at the Regatta

This weekend we had a visit by the Royal British Legion in the Town Square, we are so fortunate to have a steady stream of events right in the heart of town.

The band prepares to play
A military jeep and a collection for the British Legion taking place

On Wednesday I popped down to the end of New Street to check up on the Regatta. Last year we had a real treat of having all of the rowers and boat tents in the Rugby Ground off the Marlow Road.

The signs on the Marlow Road for parking and the Trad Boat festival were in place as well.

So into New Street, and a short walk from the action.

Boat crews leaving the boat tents and getting their boats afloat

A lovely sunny day as well!

I did see the end of a race

This picture is of the masses entering Henley on Thames from the station, and going to the Regatta

Here is a slideshow of random shots taken on Wednesday

Our mermaid and some competitors resting away from the action

For more news and updates on the Regatta please visit the excellent Henley Herald site

The Royal Regatta has had a home on You Tube for some time now. Before that there was audio coverage on Regatta Radio. It goes out live and then has a summary of the days racing as well.

Please visit this link to see the latest races and summaries

Such a lot to report, all of a sudden!

First, I must thank Jean Smith for correcting my incorrect naming of the pub on riverside. It was in fact the Little White Hart, and I have taken the opportunity to edit that post/

I was impressed by some of the Platinum Jubilee displays in the Windows In Hart and Duke Street. Also a picture of the flags above “The Cheesy Grape”. I apologise for the reflections in the windows but it was sunny when I took the photos

Barclays Bank up for sale! Not selling yet! Hope they don’t change the frontage!

Some views of the bunting that has been put up in the town

The electric charging points look like they are up and running in the Kings Road/Waitrose Car Park

They remind me a little of Petrol Pumps. In a way they are the new fuel that the Government want everyone to use?

These trees on the Marlow Road have at last had a load taken off them. The Ivy has been cut at the roots and died off successfully!

Another shot of the display in the window of Drifters Coffee House in Duke Street, which missed the slide show!

Finally a view of the vegetation over the fence of the Rugby Field in the Marlow Road, and the lovely flowers that are below the Town sign outside Swiss Farm. I am proud to say that we have actually stayed in a hotel on holiday in the past on Lake Bled. We are twinned with the town of Bled in Slovenia as well.

Wildlife and old photos of mine

Hello, there seems to be an amazing amount of baby birds around at the moment.

This hungry baby Green Tit is hungry and waiting for some food from its parent.

The bees were busy on one of my bushes yesterday, no change today because of the rain!

When I cycled down to Northfield End on Sunday, this little fellow was resting on the lamp post! Not too sure what it is, a ladybird or small beetle?

A flashback to some old photos we have taken over the past year or so

May we post again? Yes and another little book to visit!

Hello it is encouraging that we are getting some better weather on and off. Saturday was a splendid day with blue skies and sunshine. Our fish appreciated today when it rained during the night!

The market on Saturday was busy, it is good to see the crowds beginning to form again. Maybe we should be a little careful indoors with masks though?


The new Bakers were doing very well, both with Bread sales and Cafe customers

This caught my attention as well, not sure if it was a real advertising ploy or an ice cream that had been added to a dropped one on the pavement near to our Town Hall, or a deliberate art installation?

Earlier this week I had an appointment with Henley Chiropractors, and I was impressed by the bushes and and plants that boarded the footpath from the hospital outskirts to the Bell and Hart Surgery. In the last picture you can just see the front wheel of my bike!

This was the view I got whilst walking back along the Marlow Road, I had wallpaper like this in my bedroom when I was young as well! Not the fence or the greenery of course!

The telephone box by Northfield End is empty, no pamphlets, just cards advertising Mediation Courses
costing £20.

Another book:

A little souvenir of Henley on Thames

This is a tiny book about the size of a hardback book of Thomas the Tank Engine

ISBN 1-905385-02-01 Published by Chris Andrews Publications Telephone 01865 723401 It is still available at 6 pounds and is essentially a pictorial souvenir of our lovely town. It is on glossy paper and I treasure my copy. There is also a picture of the inside of the Brakspears Brewery!

Riverside and another book

The end of New Street – the slipway

Below the Regatta is beginning to take shape across the way, and there are young ducklings in and around the river. Photos were taken on Sunday when the sun was not shining but Henley still looks lovely!

A Guide to Henley on Thames – local history guide 1896!

This book is excellent and covers many of the large buildings in the town, and even a guide to the flora and fauna to be found here. It was published in 1896 and this cloth bound edition was published by Gresham books in a cloth bound paperback edition the ISBN number of the book is 0 905418 97 2. There was also a hard back edition.

I will not go into more detail about this fabulous reproduction of the 1896 book by Emily J Climenson but you should be able to read about it on the back cover of the book which is pictured below. I happen to know that one of my regular contributors to comments on this blog, has a copy of this gem! It can be found on eBay, and other online sites from time to time (Try for entries!) You may also be fortunate and find it in Ways Bookshop, or one of the local charity shops.

Spring and Brakspear’s Brewery

Local book

Brakspear’s Brewery Henley on Thames 1779-1979 by Francis Sheppard No ISDN number – published by and at the Brewery

This book can be seen in Oxfam Bookstore and Ways Bookshop in Friday Street occasionally

Plenty information about the beers that were brewed, a history of the company, the way it developed, brewing beer, and owning a large number of pubs throughout Oxfordshire, and surrounding Counties.

They sold the Catherine Wheel in 1928.

Steam vehicles transporting Beer over Henley Bridge.

Amber Porter Beer.

Robert Brakspear building up stocks of strong beer.

Short period of Drama productions at a pub in Market Place.

Barley and Malt were being produced in Henley on Thames.

Pictures of a retirement party at the brewery in 1977.

A great read, and it made me thirsty whilst reading it.

Also a social history and a family and business account as well.

Here are some pictures in the book taken in New Street in days of yore!

Friar Park and Easter Pictures

I discovered these excellent videos on You Tube. They were put together by Scott Cardinal who has put together some excellent books of postcards which show Friar Park and its enchanting grounds.

Local Books
These videos have been researched and presented in an informative fashion. I hope you will time to view these. In common with many residents and visitors I would so love to visit Friar Park but we must respect Olivia and Dhani’s privacy. God bless George Harrison and his fans for supporting his work and giving him the capital to buy this special area of Henley On Thames.

Here are some photos I took over Easter, Mainly wild flowers etc along the Marlow Road and Bell Street

It has been lovely and sunny for the past few days, unusual for Easter, but it is later than usual!

Love Henley Love Life

Something and nothing

Progress – chargers being installed in the Kings Road Car Park behind Waitrose etc.
This building has always fascinated me in Bell Street, they used to be the Assembly Rooms in town in days of old. Michael Redley mentioned a town meeting there in his recent talk to the Local History and Archaeological Group about Teetotalism ( Prohibition). It does not look big enough for that purpose but it must have been adapted over the years?

Two pictures of the Farmers Market on Sunday, and a lovely sunny day as well with a slight April chill! It is amazing I can take two pictures within seconds of the other and lose nearly all the people that were there!
This flower is something I discovered after moving to Henley on Thames. It is a Snake Head Fritillery, and I sourced this from Waitrose, and the batch of grasses that this magical flower springs from are in their second year at home. They do occur naturally in places like Mill Meadows, but I do love having one or two springing up at home. It is essentially a wild flower and very special to me!
This is a Euphorbia and I brought one with me from my previous address just over 8 years ago. I have seen a magnificent plants growing locally as well.

You are probably aware now that the Adventure Golf Playground will open on Good Friday, and there is a special residents price of £5! £9 for other adults.

Book your round of fun with our golf booking system

Mill Meadows – crazy golf and much more

On Sunday I visited Mill Meadows for the first time in ages.

The first mention of Mill Meadows is on the site “Along the waterfront, the most significant change was the corporation’s development from 1921 of recreational riverside gardens at Mill Meadows, south of Station Road.”

I was aware that a Crazy Golf course was being built at great expense, so stood on a seat to get these first photo over the hedge! I have since observed in the Henley Standard “Hidden Henley” article, that is called an Adventure Golf Course. It is actually a model of the buildings in town. One site visitor reckons that they are painting the sandstone building to make them look more realistic.

Some men were laying down astro turf for the course on Sunday!

I then looked towards the river and noticed some girls rowing and men on canoes – we are a river based community, and some participate in this whenever possible.

There are plenty of paid rides available in Mill Meadows for children.
A nice cafe for refreshments as well
Something for the adults a Bowls club!
A living wall on the Pavilion there
The Bandstand can be viewed if you look back towards the river from here
I was able to see the Crazy Golf course better on the other site of the Pavilion.
A cement mixer was in use, and obviously behind is the office where people can pay and collect clubs etc.
Nearby is a playground for children, this is a great area to take your youngsters to any day of the week!
Finally the Adventure Playground is just by the river.

I do look forward to having a round of Crazy Golf when the work is complete. They did reckon it would cost £6 a game, they could give locals a small discount? Clearly this had been paid for through our council taxes?

I spotted a rabbit browsing on the grass
The ubiquitous ducks – here is a lovely lady for you!
The male Canadian Geese were chasing their females and making a noise
Another female duck was hiding in the reeds
This rabbit is hiding away, trying to blend in with the grass.

Mill Meadows is a great place to relax, do visit it soon if you have not done this for a while like myself.

This week past

One of the wild plants that inhabit the verge alongside the pavement on the Marlow Road
Spring blossom started to show itself along the Kings Road and other roads locally
I am wondering if this building was the Inn that I was mentioning when reviewing a book recently? It faces Northfield End. It does have the style like the the picture in Hostelries of Henley.
I do like Swans they are so majestic. This swan does not seem to be ringed – they do of course ring all cygnets when swan upping. This one has been missed?

This is Ringed Dove that likes to visit one of our many bird feeders – a gentle and graceful bird
The ubiquitous Blue Tit, prepared to turn upside down to sample a suet block

A Long tailed Tit that visits our bird table – all of these shots are taken through our kitchen window
This week’s mystery bird on the grass, which has formed from seed that the birds drop out of the feeders, trying to get the sunflower seeds! I think it is a Blackcap which does over-winter in this country.